At Midland Football Association we have a fantastic working relationship with a number of schools in the area; we currently provide a wide range of activities and clubs.


Even though we are predominantly a football focused coaching organisation, our coaches also offer multi skills with a variety of different sports ranging from less known such as Dodge ball to more recognisable sports like Hockey or Basketball.


The coaching we provide is shared in different forms includingment Time (PPA) - During this time

children work with our coaches learning new skills in different sports whilst teachers take time out to plan lessons. This prepares children with the necessary skills physically and psychologically for secondary P.E lessons.

  1. After School Clubs - Children are encouraged to take part in after school activities. In most schools we work with this is mostly Midland Futsal Academy Football Clubs, however, we do also provide multi sports clubs in other schools.
  2. Breakfast and Dinner Time Clubs - (Same as above) 
  3. Gifted and Talented Classes- Children who are particularly gifted or talented in a particular sports or sports are invited to participate in our classes help provided a further platform for them to showcase their skills and talents.
  4. Dyspraxia Groups - Development dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. We set up this group in schools to provide children with dyspraxia specialist sport based activities scientifically proven to help improve balance, co-ordination and motor skills.


We use the same methods we use to coach football. We believe an individual must first master the ball or equipment before focus is averted to team methodology. For example in a typical Basketball lesson, children have a basketball each and must first master key aspects of the game (dribbling, passing and shooting) before putting these skills into practice in game situations .






At MFA we are committed to help children live an active and healthy lifestyle in a country where child obesity is increasing. Our lessons provide children with recommended levels of exercise and also the knowledge on staying active, eating well and keeping healthy.


Therefore, we are a local supporter of the Change4Life Programme and everything is stands for.





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