September 2014 - correspondence from a parent sent to Head Coach, Richard.


"I would like to thank you and your coaches for the help & advice you have given my son with his football and improving his football ability. For the past 3 years he has wanted to join a football team - problem was he wasn't good enough to join. He did join a team for a short while but was out of his depth so stopped going. He needed to concentrate on improving his skills and he joined Midland Futsal Academy. Last week i took him back to this same team to see if he was now good enough to join. The team manager could not believe how much he had improved! There was no longer the vast difference between his football abaility and the other players. He is over the moon to get into a team and i would like to thank you and the MFA coaches for helping him improve so much. Thank you for making a young boy very happy".

Midland Futsal Academy is extremely proud of the relationships we have formed with a number of Schools in the area we work in. All the schools we work in have reacted positively to our coaching thesis and style and they have noticed significant levels of improvement in all children who participate in our clubs lessons etc. This improvement could be as simple as becoming technically better or perfecting a particular skill in a sport or it could be the fact a child now enjoys P.E and chooses to participate every week rather than sit out. After all, MFA is all about improvement, no matter the ability, age or gender. We are very grateful to all the schools that allow us to come in and work with their pupils and are always on the lookout for other schools to work in, so if we appeal to you why not send us a email through our contact tab on our home page.


Below are a number of testimonials and positive comments from a number of schools we work in as well as parents whose children attend MFA.

Deputy Head and P.E Co-ordinator (Sledmere Primary)



“He (Adam, MFA coach) works extremely well with our children at Sledmere. He has the ability to identify children’s strengths and to work on these to develop confidence and self – esteem. He is very reliable.”


“I have also attended my son’s friend’s birthday party in which Adam ran a football session. During this session, my son, who has Autism and poor co-ordination, improved his skills and developed his confidence whilst playing with his peers (he has in the past refused to play!)”


“Ben joined Mini Stars aged 2 and although shy at first he couldn’t wait to get involved in the fun games! Two years on he cant wait to come to Scallywags each week, his confidence has grown and his 

footwork with a ball  is fantastic!’ Parent



“Fantastic coach at Mini Stars –his enthusiasm with the children was impressive!” Parent

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