The skills of Futsal place considerable demand on technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pinpoint passing.


Futsal encourages players to become more agile, faster, stronger and have better balance.


Futsal also helps youngsters become more comfortable with the ball and gives them lots of opportunities to practise dribbling, passing, turning, shooting and ball control in tight spaces whilst under pressure.


There is currently a big debate in football asking the questing "Why are foreign players technically better than British players?" - the answer is simple, across the world - Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Argentina - footballers play Futsal from an eraly age. The focus for young players is on their technique and being comfortable with the ball at their feet, not winning. Training to win should come later on in a footballers career.


"Our training is very unique and emphasis is placed on the individual rather than team methodology. At Midland Futsal Academy our belief is simple - technical aspects of football must be mastered first and an indiviudal must become comfortable with the ball. Midland Futsal Academy is not a team, we are a coaching organisation designed to give specialist coaching to players of all ages, ability and gender. Players that have grown with the Academy are technically superior with a football than others of the same age".


Richard Newell, Head of Midland Football Academy


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